How to care for wigs daily?

When searching for tips, advice and information on how to care for human hair extensions, there is so much advice out there, it’s hard to know which advice is right for you.

This article is designed to help you better understand how to care for hair extensions and the options available to you.

How often should you maintain hair extensions?

To maintain your natural hair and human hair extensions in the best possible condition, it is important that you follow the following advice and procedures.

It is very important to get regular check-up and maintenance appointments. We recommend that you need to get your hair extensions maintained (also known as pushed-up or moved-up) every 6-8 weeks. If left longer that this between maintenance then the natural hair and hair extensions may start to tangle and matt together.

How do you brush hair extensions?

You should brush hair extensions at least twice daily. Always start at the ends, work up the length of the hair to the roots and then back down to ends. Separate your extensions from natural hair and brush both thoroughly to avoid matting.

You should always support the top of your hair extensions at the roots whilst brushing to avoid tugging at the bonds and roots of your own hair.

Do not backcomb your roots or hair extensions.

What is the best brush for hair extensions?

There are a few different hair brushes you can use to care for your human hair extensions.

A wide-tooth comb is best used first to gently remove large tangles from hair extensions. This can be followed by a loop brush or tangle remover brush. These brushes are designed so you can brush close to the roots of your hair and over the hair extension bonds. A loop brush has looped bristles instead of straight ones like a standard hair brush. A tangle remover has light flexible bristles which bend slightly. Both of these allow the brushes to slide over the hair extension attachments without pulling.

Finally you can use a natural bristle brush, it is good for the finishing touch of your hair extensions, it will effectively remove small ranges and smoothen and de-frizz your hair extensions.